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1) How long is the shelf life of most spices and herbs?

a) Most whole spices can last up to two years however we believe in small batch turnover for freshness. Most ground spices and dried herbs begin to deteriorate rapidly after six months.

2) How ARE bulk products packaged?

a) Our 1, 2 and 5 pound bags are heat sealed for freshness.

3) What is your minimum order?

a) While we don’t have a minimum order; any order less than fifty dollars ($50) will be charged shipping.

4) Will you blend our private recipes?

a) Yes, we will gladly blend your special recipe on an as needed basis. NO minimums, shipping rates may apply. We will hold your special recipe in the strictness of confidence.

5) Do you have wholesale prices?

a) All prices on the website are wholesale. We sell direct to both consumers and food service professionals.

6) Are there any allergen concerns I should be aware of in your products?

a) While our manufacturing and packaging practices attempt to eliminate any cross contact of products and every effort is taken in thorough sanitation between items of any kind, our products are packaged in the same production area.
In our experience we have found that some allergens may be found in general spice mixtures EG. tree nuts or seeds such as ground mustard seed. We ask that you share in our efforts to minimalize those concerns.