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Cardamom- Digestion Aid, anti-inflammatory, NF-kB regulator and Stomach Sentinel.

As old as civilization itself, Cardamom has been one of the world’s most expensive spices. In the Middle Ages (late 16th century) the spice trade centralized in Florence Italy. Cardamom was the “Queen of Spices” with only Pepper being the “King”. Cardamom’s delicate flavor is due to its over 25 volatile oils. The medically active oil is the antioxidant cineole, which is also found in bay leaf.

This spice has been part of the TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine and today is used to treat a host of complications that people on Chemotherapy experience. Constipation, gas, stomach nausea etc. Studies show Cardamom reduces inflammation which is the center of many diseases we face today.

Cardamom may help to treat or prevent:


Bad Breath

Blood Clots


Colon Cancer



Heart disease

High blood pressure

Indigestion issues



Ulcers and more.

Interesting to note that studies in India show that cardamom can fight colon cancer cells several ways. Reducing inflammation that fuels cancer growth, stopping cancer cells from dividing and killing cancer cells. Let’s hope this research continues to gather steam.

Cardamom also clears up Sinus infection. Tyr combining Cardamom tea and fresh Pineapple daily to relieve sinus infections.

The Romans imported it by the tons to use in cooking and as “Nature’s toothbrush”.

Cardamom, both black and green are used in the cuisines of India, Iran, Morocco, and the Arab Nations. It’s used in spice blends, savory and sweet.